Artista Anni

Equity Kingdom Artist,
Anni Brink

Artista Anni is the maker of most of the artwork seen on this site. Also known as “Granni Anni,” she has been an antiracist, artist, and writer since childhood. She tries to listen and learn from everyone she meets and to share what she has learned with the people she encounters on the way. She believes that much of the learning (and unlearning) we need to do related to equity and racial justice happens best in community and in nonverbal ways, through spiritual reflection, art and other forms of creative expression, visioning, and play. She likes to explore ideas about equity, race, justice, and peace with people of all ages, races, and cultural backgrounds.

Anni acknowledges/describes her context by saying, “This is what I bring to the table: white privilege, cisgender woman, elder/granny; antiracist, artist (visual and literary), and liberation-theology Christian.”

She says, “In my art, the spiritual themes are God’s love for us, God’s kingdom (the beloved community), how we are all made in God’s image, and how we can love God and other people—our neighbors—as ourselves. I use the human figure to convey character and emotion, and use groups of figures to portray equity, justice, peace, and community. With vivid imagination, bold line drawings, and strong colors, I try to raise questions and suggest transformations, reconciliations, and healings. My art has always been racially and culturally inclusive, encouraging diverse people to talk with each other. I try to bring hope, peace, and joy to people, and to reflect my belief in the great value and beauty of each person.”

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