Equity Voices

The Equity Voices program explores equity, justice, and peace through conversations and the arts… looking at how to bring more diversity, equity, and inclusion into every aspect of our lives. We ask how we can become even more supportive of racial justice and more active in fighting systemic racism and inequalities.

Isn’t it time to be working together for equity and against white supremacy in our schools, churches, homes, and everywhere we’re connected, using the many creative gifts we’ve all been blessed with to transform lives and make some real changes? Thanks for using the questions here to find and express your equity voice, and for considering our workshops as well.

This series of Equity “arts conversations” is for youth ages 10 and up, as well as teens and adults. It’s called “LET’S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER.”

Dr. King once said,  “People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.” The idea is to look at equity, antiracism, and justice through responding to questions about ourselves, other people, our communities, our values etc.—and to go deeper and grow self-expression and mutual understanding through incorporating the arts.

Questions. There are seven topics/sets of questions in total: Self & Family, Other People, Community & Country, Race & Justice, Values, Visions, and Equity Actions. Each topic has at least one question relating to Scripture, but otherwise, it is  a general not specifically Christian or spiritual approach, though sharing about one’s faith, beliefs, prayers, and inspiration is always welcome! The questions lead and encourage people to express themselves artistically using words, images, photos, a video, a song or any creative means of responding to the questions and the conversations that arise.

Workshops. We also offer one online workshop per week for any seven-week block. Or fewer meetings less frequently is also possible. Plus, we feature a one-session “sample” workshop on the Equity Actions topic. Attendees will have discussion time in each workshop and additional time to create their artistic responses. Then participants take turns presenting their artistic responses and giving each other comments if feedback is desired. Participants may also share their creative responses online by emailing them to us, and they will be uploaded onto the website.

The goal throughout is to explore racial justice and equity with conversations and the arts, while making sure we communicate and get to know one another a bit too.

Check out details of the program and its workshops at equity-voices.com. If you or a group/ministry at your church or school might be interested in the seven weekly workshops, a shorter series of workshops, or perhaps a single “sample” session, let us know by emailing equityvoices@gmail.com.

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