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“Where there is no vision, the people perish . . . “ (Proverbs 29:18, KJV). Equity Kingdom and our Equity/Antiracist Worlds workshops are dedicated to experiencing vision guided by God’s Kingdom and to expressing our heart and soul’s passion to build justice and defeat racism.

Use your imagination to envision how we can change our world, transforming it into a place of love, respect, justice, and abundance for all people–like the kingdom of God Jesus taught us about. Make it a world of peace, equity, empathy, and cooperation, rather than one of struggle, pain, violence, racism, war, injustice. Draw, paint, write songs and stories, improvise… Create an Equity World we can work for in which all people have support, opportunity, health, education, safety, and community–and all sorts of other good things you propose. Let’s inspire each other with novel ideas and new policies. When we can imagine it, we can begin to build it!

Participants color or paint paper/cardboard figures of different skin colors and races. They arrange the figures on paper, canvas, or cardboard backdrops, creating a setting (world) for their Equity/Antiracist Worlds. (For example, it could be a cityscape, garden, earth-from-space view, community event, parade, school event, view of the solar system or galaxy, church service etc.). Or using the figures, participants might respond to various prompts and scenarios involving injustice, unfairness, and racism. They could also use the figures to act out Micah 6:8 and other Bible passages describing the kingdom of God, or create their own original stories/situations too. Depending on the group’s preferences, participants might produce an Equity/Antiracist Worlds group drawing, collage, cloth mural, art exhibit, puppet show, or game. Or create an Equity Kingdom pageant, art procession, or parade using the group’s reflections and the figures they created. Check out these examples of Equity/Antiracist Worlds made in our workshops….

Equity Dinner drawing

Equity Music Jam collage

Equity Community (in process)

“Afterward you shall be called the city of righteousness,
    the faithful city.

[Our world] shall be redeemed by justice,
    and those in her who repent, by righteousness.”

Isaiah 1:26-27

Let’s make something beautiful together.

Contact Anni at equitykingdomofgod@gmail.com for more information on our Equity/Antiracist Worlds workshops.

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