Justice Education for All

OUR PURPOSE: The mission of Equity Kingdom is to grow equity and racial justice everywhere, and to be the love and justice of God’s kingdom here and now, on earth as it is in heaven. We realize that racism pervades nearly every feature of life in the U.S. and other countries too. Our goal is to transform these unjust, racist aspects of life and to dismantle systemic racism and the pain, loss, trauma, and death it causes. We want to inspire, teach, and encourage people to be and bear witness to God’s kingdom by working to eradicate racism, build equity, and promote justice in all our communities and spheres of influence.
WHAT WE DO: We use many different kinds of work and approaches to try to reach this goal. But always in all ways coming from the heart and soul with an open and creative spirit, we bring the arts, visioning, the Bible, play, drama, protest, and other forms of inspired expression to antiracism work, as tools to strengthen and build up our communities. We also lift up the concept of the kingdom of God as a guiding principle, as well as prayer and other spiritual practices. Our focus is especially on these important areas of our lives together:
Safe neighborhoods for all: Safe communities for all people, free from police brutality and murder, gun violence, racist and gender-related attacks, immigration raids, and domestic violence and abuse.

Safety for All

Health and healthcare for all: Equitable healthcare that eliminates racist discrepancies in life expectancies, access to healthy food, nutrition, health insurance, quality of care, and disease outcomes (as seen with Covid-19).

Health for All

Education for all: Free public education that supports students at all levels for success in their programs/chosen fields, and eliminates disparities in access, affordability, school resources and quality, and graduation rates.

 We want to partner with you and all like-minded, antiracist individuals and organizations to end centuries of racism in our neighborhoods now, and instead grow equity, love, and justice (including safety, health, and education for all) in communities that reflect God’s kingdom here on earth. Please join with us!

Let’s do something together.

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