Introducing Equity Kingdom

Equity Kingdom

Hi there. Welcome to Equity Kingdom! I’m Anni, the founder of Equity Kingdom and maker of most of the artwork seen on this site. A white female, now an elder and granny, I have been an antiracist, artist, and writer since childhood. Throughout my life, I’ve tried to listen and learn from everyone I meet and share what I learn with the people I encounter along the way. I love to explore ideas about equity, race, justice, and peace with people of all ages, races, and cultural backgrounds. I believe that much of the learning (and unlearning) we need to do related to equity and racial justice happens best in community with other people, often in nonverbal ways, through spiritual reflection, art and other forms of creative expression, visioning, and play.

I’ve long been an antiracist, marching and protesting against systemic inequities, learning, teaching, and organizing around institutional racism for several decades. But when George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police on May 25, 2020, my reaction, like that of so many people, was immediate, visceral, and impassioned: We have to do something! We must stop this and all kinds of police brutality and racist murder of blacks, which has happened over and over for hundreds of years in the U.S. No more! Enough is enough! We cannot unsee or forget this outrageous, horrific disregard for human life! It was suddenly overwhelmingly clear that we need to go beyond our reactions of the past and take strong steps to dismantle and put an end to racism NOW.

To this work I bring my background as a white antiracist artist, writer, and teacher, and the experiences of racist abuse of people in my interracial family and circle of friends. Add to these the atrocious record of systemic racism against Black Americans and people of color around the globe, also the Christian, moral values of racial equity, love, justice, and God’s kingdom. This combined mix of powerful elements has become the  community antiracism approach I call “Equity Kingdom.”

Equity Kingdom focuses on equity, racial justice, and community through the lens of God’s kingdom as described in the Bible. We use the visual and dramatic arts, play, and various forms of creative expression, along with scripture, to transform our understanding and vision of racial equity and loving our neighbors. We also draw on the literary arts and inspirational activities to serve people of all ages, races, and backgrounds with community explorations of racial justice and equity through

  • Visioning workshops
  • Art projects
  • Play experiences
  • Publishing projects
  • Creative parades, processions, and protests
  • Bible study and scripture illustration
  • Prayer and other spiritual practices
  • Community meals

Make yourself at home, and explore our site. Participate in antiracist and visioning workshops; check out our antiracism resources; join a creative procession or protest; create equity artwork, publications, and play experiences; and work together with us on the various equity projects and missions we support. Join us and lend your voice, your talents, your ideas, and your vision to this community of love and justice, Equity Kingdom, as we work to dismantle racism while we do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.

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We explore equity, justice, and peace through sharing the good news about God's liberation and kingdom of justice, and by expressing/proclaiming via the arts God's ever-present love and direction.

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