At God’s Table

Enjoy the Celebration at God’s Table

Everyone is welcome in God’s Kingdom. It’s a place of peace, love, and justice. Equity too. You’ll also find joy and have lots of fun there! A good place to experience God’s love and the kingdom is at God’s table, where all can eat and give thanks together.

All Are Welcome

All people are invited and all are welcomed, with open arms, caring smiles, and acceptance.

Love, Love, Love!

The foundation of God’s kingdom is love, that we love God and other people completely. And we see that God loves us and our fellows do too.

The Kingdom Gives Life

It’s love that surrounds us and sustains everything in God’s awesome and amazing kingdom. Giving and receiving such love brings new life, true life that never gives up or leaves us.

Enter a New Life

This kingdom life is a brand new way, different from all we see clamoring around us, different from all that went before.

Give Thanks in God’s Kingdom

This new life is possible only in God’s kingdom, not in the world around us, so full of hate and greed, violence and terror, racism and injustice on every side.

It’s a Life of Community

In God’s community, we lose our focus on self–me, myself, I. We start working for the common good. Instead of “I” we begin thinking, behaving as “we.”

Help One Another

We start to help one another, embrace each other, begin to bear some of others’ burdens.

Based on the Teachings of Jesus

These great transformations come from Jesus’ teachings. Trying to follow him changes us. Forever.

We Can Grow New Life from a Tiny Seed

A brand new life grows in us from the Lord’s tiny seeds he plants in our minds and hearts.

Like a Tree Grows from a Mustard Seed

It’s like the big sheltering tree that grows out of a nearly invisible mustard seed.

Give Thanks for Being Transformed

Thanks be to God for the kingdom he gives us, where we are transformed and live lives full of purpose and joy, love, goodness and justice for all. Doesn’t a new kingdom life sound good to you? Ask God to enter in. Grab hold of his hand.

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We explore equity, justice, and peace through sharing the good news about God's liberation and kingdom of justice, and by expressing/proclaiming via the arts God's ever-present love and direction.

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