Holy vs. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Logos, handles, websites… oh my! Soon after envisioning and founding Equity Kingdom, I began putting together the various building blocks any new enterprise needs: logo, website, social media handles, banners, stationery, and so on. And these tools are pretty necessary today for getting the word out and connecting with people who might want or need to know about what we’re doing. Plus, as an artist/illustrator, of course I enjoy expressing ideas and messages visually. Whether it’s drawing, painting, collaging, or coloring, I’m in my element with these things!

So in today’s post I present to you just a few of the most basic elements of Equity Kingdom’s visual tool set. The small painting above depicts the Holy Spirit filling people with hope, inspiration, and empowerment, which we need front and center in this adventure, which I also want at the center of my life (more on this presently).

Letter on Equity Kingdom Letterhead

Here is our Equity Kingdom letterhead with a sample introductory letter. At the top of the page is a would-be logo, depicting Jesus with some followers, fellow travelers on his kingdom way. Is it the Equity Kingdom logo for all time? Let’s just say it’s the first one we’re using, now for awhile… until it’s revised. It illustrates our purpose pretty well.

But as a letterhead, and combined with the letter, it also demonstrates a spirit of self-promotion. Perhaps also an entrepreneurial or competitive spirit: “Check us out and what we’re doing! Check out our very important work!”

And our work of doing justice and dismantling racism is important work. Very worth checking out and joining in with. So is our work of following Jesus and serving God’s kingdom. Indeed, it’s Jesus and God’s beautiful kingdom that help me envision antiracism and empower me to try to be an antiracist, holding fast even in adversity. But let’s not forget these words of Paul either: “Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.” For it is not those who commend themselves that are approved, but those whom the Lord commends. (2 Corinthians 10:17-18) Likewise, let’s never cease to remember the Holy Spirit, the one who unites us with God and with each other in love.

In this moment of considering our brand and how it appeals to the world, rather than fretting about who’s going to like what, it’s way more important to be branding our selves as belonging to God’s family, God’s kingdom. And in these times where many try to amass thousands, even millions of followers, don’t forget to ask, Who am I following? Jesus the Christ. Who’s following me and our site? I hope antiracists, justice seekers, truth seekers, fellow travelers, as well as believers in Jesus and his disciples.

Risen Jesus Banner 1

These next three visuals present what I am calling “banners”–so far, just black & white ink drawings, but images evocative of our mission and our purpose. The one above depicts the risen Jesus appearing to and comforting his beloved followers. The next two (below) are Kingdom images, showing people eating, serving, and fellowshipping together; making music; painting; and demonstrating for peace.

Just as they are, they could be banners across online pages or physical pages (like the letterhead stationery). Or they might be projected bigger, colored with paint or other art media. They could become actual banners or murals–of cloth or vinyl or who knows what?–and fly as a flag, be painted on a building, or hang on a church wall or in your home. Or you might want to print them out, color them, and send them to us. I’d love to see the colors you use and any of your own pics these might inspire! We always want to see your art and hear what you’re up to!!

Kingdom Banner 1
Kingdom Banner 2

And in all our work, let’s not forget more words from Paul: “To set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace … You are in the Spirit, since the Spirit of God dwells in you.” (Romans 8:6, 9) Peace and blessings, everyone. Till next time…

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We explore equity, justice, and peace through sharing the good news about God's liberation and kingdom of justice, and by expressing/proclaiming via the arts God's ever-present love and direction.

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