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Antiracist Family

“Where there is no vision, the people perish . . . “ (Proverbs 29:18, KJV). Equity Kingdom and our Equity Worlds workshops are dedicated to experiencing vision guided by God’s Kingdom and to expressing our heart and soul’s passion to build justice and defeat racism. It is important to have a family of people from all races, places, and walks of life to do this work of growing equity.

The pictures that follow are some of my attempts to capture visions and ideas related to building worlds of equity all around us, wherever we go, and with whomever we meet.

Do Justice, Love Mercy

My belief is it is essential to be merciful to ourselves and others and to follow a path like Jesus’ way, as we try in every way we can to do justice.

Equity Leaders

There are equity leaders we can find, work with, and support/encourage. They can be found among our neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family.

Prayers for Equity

It is important to always seek God’s will and guidance as we pray for more equity in our world.

Partners in Equity

All around us, there are wonderful possible partners in this work. We will find them if we keep our eyes open.

Equity Protections

As equity grows, we will all feel safer, more peaceful, more protected and welcomed.

In Praise of Justice

It’s good to remember how powerful real justice is. May we get there soon! Thank you, God, for your call to justice and our visions of justice!

Equity Celebration

Here I imagine an equity celebration with people of many different races, colors, faiths, and cultures rejoicing together. We can get there! Yes, we can.

Search Everywhere

I try myself and firmly believe we need to search everywhere for guidance and wisdom, ideas and vision, answers to prayers and people to work with.

Keep Pursuing Equity

Scripture tells us to “Seek peace and pursue it.” (Psalm 34:14 and 1 Peter 3:11). Likewise, we must seek equity–which, when it’s realized, will bring us peace–and pursue it. On this depends our future as people, as a nation, and as the world.

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We explore equity, justice, and peace through sharing the good news about God's liberation and kingdom of justice, and by expressing/proclaiming via the arts God's ever-present love and direction.

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