Equity Community Spirit

Equity Community Action

Equity Kingdom and our Equity/Antiracist Worlds workshops are dedicated to experiencing vision guided by God’s Kingdom and to expressing our heart and soul’s passion to build justice and defeat racism.

The workshops are designed to support participants in the creation of equity community spirit. In them, we use imagination to envision how we can change our world, transforming it into a place of love, respect, justice, and abundance for all people–like the kingdom of God Jesus taught us about. Using art, we can make it a world of peace, equity, empathy, and cooperation, rather than one of struggle, pain, violence, racism, war, injustice. We can draw, paint, write songs and stories, improvise… Let’s create an Equity World we can work for in which all people have support, opportunity, health, education, safety, and community. When we can imagine it, we can begin to build it!

Workshop participants color or paint paper/cardboard figures of different skin colors and races. They arrange the figures on paper, canvas, or cardboard backdrops, creating a setting (world) for their Equity/Antiracist Worlds. (For example, it could be a cityscape, garden, earth-from-space view, community event, parade, school event, view of the solar system or galaxy, church service etc.). They could also use the figures to act out Micah 6:8 and other Bible passages describing the kingdom of God, or create their own original stories/situations too. Here are some examples from participants and from my studio of Equity/Antiracist Worlds made in our workshops or with this vision….

Equity City

Here is a depiction of a CIty of Equity, where people of all races work and play together in love and respect.

Equity Community Spirit

This drawing is of a multiracial, cooperative, supportive community full of the spirit of God. (The drawing was in process when this image was taken.)

A Future with Hope

This painting on cloth captures a vision of a future with hope, a vision of God’s kingdom.

Antiracist Kingdom

This painting shows the animal kingdom interacting with the Antiracist Kingdom. See how peacefully they get along!!

Equal Access

Every Equity/Antiracist World we hope to create will need to have equal access for all as a cornerstone.

Antiracist World Garden

This work imagines the Antiracist World as a garden, where people bloom as their true selves, healthy and free, like a garden nurtured and tended with care.

Community Justice Store

This Equity World illustrates a Community Justice Store, where people can take what they need and bring something to contribute if they can. Give your imagination free rein, and see what kind of Antiracist World images you come up with. We’d love to see your creations; send us links or image files at equitykingdomofgod@gmail.com.

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We explore equity, justice, and peace through sharing the good news about God's liberation and kingdom of justice, and by expressing/proclaiming via the arts God's ever-present love and direction.

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