Entering into God’s Kingdom

We can experience love and justice in community with others–if we commit to working for it. God’s kingdom invites all of us to enter in, to support and encourage building community. Wake up to the need to work for change in the world! It’s like a brand new life is beginning, one that embraces allContinue reading “Entering into God’s Kingdom”

The Coming of the Holy Spirit 2

This story of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit, of receiving the divine help we need to do the very difficult work of growing equity and ending racism, is an ongoing journey and always being continued… Many people today are asking, as the early followers of Jesus did, “What can we do?” St. Peter replied thatContinue reading “The Coming of the Holy Spirit 2”

The Coming of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit can help us always keep in mind the life and teachings of Jesus and also connect us with one another as a community of love, justice, understanding, and power, striving for equity and an end to racism. We want to act from and be about truth-telling, love, justice, and mutual understanding. WeContinue reading “The Coming of the Holy Spirit”

Learning and Unlearning

What are we working for and building up in Equity Kingdom? Our mission is to grow equity and racial justice everywhere, and to be the love and justice of God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. In communities that reflect God’s kingdom here on earth. Racism pervades nearly every feature of life in the U.S.Continue reading “Learning and Unlearning”

Introducing Equity Kingdom

Hi there. Welcome to Equity Kingdom! I’m Anni, the founder of Equity Kingdom and maker of most of the artwork seen on this site. A white female, now an elder and granny, I have been an antiracist, artist, and writer since childhood. Throughout my life, I’ve tried to listen and learn from everyone I meetContinue reading “Introducing Equity Kingdom”